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Chickpea Loaf with Maple Glaze

Here is the MAIN to complement your holiday meal! Say hello to the ultimate Chickpea Loaf recipe, packed with yummy vegetables, like walnuts, mushrooms, and spices! Add this main dish to your plant-based menu to satisfy your palate!

Traditionally, plant-based loaves are made with lentils. I wanted to give this recipe texture and depth, so I went with the gold of chickpeas!

Plus, the maple, balsamic, maple tomato glaze gives this Chickpea Loaf a smokey touch that is oh-so-yummy!

Pair this Chickpea Loaf with your favorite plant-based sides, like mashed potatoes, collard greens, and brussel sprouts, and you will surely enjoy this decadent meal!

Here is the recipe! Make sure you share your photos and let us know how it turns out! Tag us on IG: @theeatschool and FB atGtheeatschool

Chickpea Loaf
Download PDF • 1.25MB


Coach Genny

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