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Eggplant Curry Anyone?

It's more than just a pretty purple vegetable. Eggplants provide a good source of fiber, antioxidants and lowers LDL cholesterol levels.

Eggplants are native to China since the 5th century B.C., and are abundant in India and European countries, like Greece, Italy and Turkey and even Egypt. Eggplants are also called aubergine and are a part of the nightshade family of Solanaceae.

The benefits of eating eggplant are proven to manage weight, controls blood sugar, lowers LDL bad cholesterol, and has cancer fighting properties.

Eggplant can be easily be prepared in many ways, such as roasting, sautéing, or even grilling.

Here is a delicious and nutritious Eggplant Chickpea Curry recipe for you to try! We are so excited to cook this together on June 11th as part of the theEATschool's nutrition coaching program! Share, like, comment and tag us on Instagram @theeatschool #eatgoodgrl

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With Love,


Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

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