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Hierarchy of sourcing fruits & veggies

Ever wondered if buying frozen or canned produce is good? Let's explain...

Now before we compare the options to source fruits and veggies, let's make a disclaimer. This blog applies if you have access to buy produce and if you have a choice. Food oppression is real.

Now let's talk about it...

I am sharing four tips to ensure you are getting your daily fruit and vegetable intake to help nourish your body.

But first, did you know that 97% of Americans are fiber deficient, which can lead to all sorts of chronic conditions? That's right. Eat more of the rainbow to feel good in your body. Start with eating five fruits and vegetables a day. Fiber is vital to help regulate our body's natural functions, like hormonal, digestive, and nervous systems, for example. Fiber is found abundantly in whole, plant-based foods. There is no fiber in meat.

Let's compare options. When it comes to shopping for produce, always think about the best options to get the most nutritional value. The more fresher (from the crop), the more nutritious and delicious.

Here is my suggested hierarchy of sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables, in this particular order. Always source organic when possible. This is to avoid the consumption of sometimes harmful pesticides. Here is the list:

  1. Whole, Fresh & In-Season (straight from the Farmer's Market). E.g., GrowNYC has plenty of markets available across NYC.

  2. Whole & Fresh (from the grocery store). You can also source seasonal produce, which is usually the produce on sale, as it is more abundant. Think supply versus demand.

  3. Frozen. Try to source organic.

  4. Canned. You should always read the can to buy with a BPA-free label. BPAs are toxic chemicals that can disrupt hormones. Buy organic, salt-free, and sugar-free. Avoid extra, weird ingredients.

Ever wondered how to buy in-season produce? Here is a FREE in-season produce guide to bring to your next shopping trip! Welcome!

_Eating Seasonally (2)
Download PDF • 121KB

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Coach Genny

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