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Why You Should Try New Vegetables and Recipes

Taste, bite, smell, sight, touch, and crunch play a big role in how we enjoy food. Trying new foods is rewarding.

Hi family and friends. Coach Genny here. Your Holistic Nutritionist and Fitness Coach. Welcome to my first lifestyle blog post, where I will share helpful tips to help you along your plant-based journey. Now back to the topic of discussion...

When's the last time you tried a new fruit or vegetable? How was it visually appealing? What was the color, size, and texture of that fruit or vegetable? Adopting a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle focuses on consuming plant foods from mother nature and maintaining a mindful and balanced lifestyle. It also incorporates eating mindfully to nurture a healthy relationship with food and the planet.

Each fruit or vegetable is marked with its unique composition to provide vital nutrients for our health and vitality. Did you know that purple and blue foods provide a powerful antioxidant, called anthocyanins, that has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancerous benefits? Now that is food for thought.

Purple cabbage has anthocyanins anti-oxidant benefits.

"But what new fruit or vegetable should I try"? According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, did you know that humans only consume 4% of the 250K+ known edible plant species? That amounts to 150 - 200 plant species eaten by humans, which may be your typical broccoli, rice, beans, and sweet potato. There are plenty more fruits and vegetables out there to enjoy and you can take advantage of these in-season by visiting your local farmer's market. Don't be afraid to ask the farmer "What is this? How do I prepare this?" I've recently discovered spaghetti squash and cannot get over the "pasta-like" string spaghetti texture!

Here is a bonus seasonal eating guide for you!

Eating Seasonally
Download PDF • 1.09MB

"What do I do with this new fruit or vegetable?" Well, Google is your best friend to provide you with delicious plant-based recipes. Youtube is also your best friend to showcase cooking demonstrations, in case you need a touch more extra due care. My go-to food blogger is Plus Coach Genny is a recipe developer and creates unique and tasty recipes to add to your arsenal.

Trying a new recipe, fruit or vegetable will not only be an exciting will help to diversify micronutrients to improve overall health. Grab a new fruit or vegetable from the market. Confirm the species. Find a recipe. Cook it. Enjoy it. Tag us on Insta @theeatschool and tell us your experience :)

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