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Who is Coach Genny?

Get the inside scoop on Coach Genny Mack.

Genail McKinley, aka Genny Mack, is a certified Holistic Nutrition, Movement Coach, and Plant-Based Chef. She was born in El Paso, Texas, grew up in Philadelphia, PA, and went to college in Queens, NY to become an Accountant/CPA. She worked in corporate america for 12 years and quickly went up the ranks to become a corporate executive of audit to help large financial institutions manage risks and protect consumer rights.

In 2017, Genny, after working 60-80+ work weeks and spending 90% of her career living out of a suitcase, Genny experienced burn-out and a chronic inflammatory attack, with pneumonia-like symptoms. Genny was diagnosed with a chronic disease, Lupus, which sent her to the hospital for a month. This was a life or death situation for Genny, with stage IV/V kidney disease. At that moment, she realized that the only thing that mattered was her health. She decided to transition to a vegan, plant-based lifestyle to heal from her trauma and never looked back. She was able to regain her health and follow her passion to help others heal.

Genny is the founder of Genny Mack LLC. Genny created this wellness movement to empower women to lead healthier lives by consuming plants and prioritizing themselves through mind, body, and spirit. Genny created her first signature program called theEATschool, which principles are to Educate, Adopt and Transform through plant-based living. Her mission is to empower women to take control of their health through plant-based clean eating, cooking, and mindfulness.

Genny lives in the Bronx, NY and is married to her best friend, Miguel Porter (who she imported from the UK). She also has an outspoken 2-year-old named Paca, who is a Morkie (Maltese + Yorkie + a touch of Chihuahua). She has seven siblings and 14 nieces and nephews. Outside of pouring into her wellness passions, she enjoys fashion, traveling, nail designs, and dancing.

Stay tuned for much more exciting programming in 2022 and beyond, to bring a holistic approach to nutrition + movement + mindset with theEATcollective membership and much more.

Tune in to connect.

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