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Jan 17, 2023 - Jan 21, 2023

EAT 5-A-DAY & Nourish YOU - 2023

  • 5Days
  • 10Steps
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Join this FREE doable 5-day challenge to mindfully eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables each day and increase fiber intake for a healthy gut. Commitment runs from January 17-21. This challenge is for YOU autoimmune warriors who are looking to develop healthy eating habits, learn to heal your gut, maintain a healthy weight and feel better! This is a stepping stone for you to start healing your body with plants. Eating the rainbow provides different nutrients and vitamins and minerals to nourish your body. What do you do? Simply: 1 - Eat at least five (5) whole plant-based fruits and vegetables (raw preferred) to increase nutrient absorption (think smoothies and salads). Feel free to eat more. A healthy gut is created by eating at least 30 different plant species daily! 2 - Record your eating habits in a journal and note what you ate, and how you feel before and after eating. 3 - Answer two (2) daily prompts in the WIX app and share your experiences to stay accountable. 4 - Join our private facebook group to engage in the chat and share your delicious meals! For bonus points, tag your meals and experience on IG @theeatschool and FB@theeatschool What do you get? - A comprehensive 5-a-day guide to jumpstart your health journey, along with five (5) anti-inflammatory recipes to add to your daily fruit and vegetable goals and create healthy eating habits. - Access to a community of like-minded women via Facebook to share and encourage to build lasting habits. Best! Genny

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