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Finding Peace and Wellness in the Bahamas: A Journey of Holistic Healing

Jaws Beach in Bahamas
Genny and Miguel enjoying Jaw's Beach in Bahamas

As I sit here reflecting on my recent trip to the Bahamas, I am filled with gratitude and a hunger for more exploration. This trip was more than just a vacation – it was a journey of self-discovery and healing.

As a holistic nutritionist and lupus warrior, I have learned to approach my health and wellness from a holistic perspective. This means looking beyond just physical symptoms and addressing the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of my being.

Since I have been physically well in the past few months, I now quest for mental well-being and decided on a place to explore that. 

The Bahamas, graced me with kind people who looked like me, offered an abundance of resources, from its crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, aquatic life, land stewards and tropical and colorful foods. This provided the perfect backdrop for this journey. From the moment I arrived, I felt a sense of peace and tranquility wash over me.

I spent my days soaking up the sun (safely, of course!), visiting the blue and still waters exploring the local farms and markets, dancing to soca and practicing self-care through visual meditation. 

I was rewarded with constant mental stimulation, with kind people, and grateful for the abundance of resources The Bahamas has to offer.

Here are some of my highlights and lessons from this trip:

farm-to-table at Chiccarney Farms in Nassau, Bahamas
Genny and Miguel harvesting fresh produce to enjoy our farm-to-table experience at Chiccharney Farms in Nassau, Bahamas

Visited a regenerative farm in Nassau, Bahamas called Chiccharney Farms. Chavara, the creator of this beautiful foundation, has been farming since a tender age. She remembers cooking on open fire with her grandmother and had recently called to go back to the gift of her hands. She has expanded her farming practices to share farm-to-table experiences (through Airbnb) and hosts local farmer’s market pop-ups throughout The Bahamas. The entire menu was delicious but I cant get over tasting dilly (short for Sapodilla) for the first time and it was delectably sweet! 

Saw the bluest of the waters at Jaw’s Beach. Yes, the Jaw’s movie was filmed there in 1974 and it still looks crystal clear, strikingly blue and pristine. My husband and I visited during the sunrise hours (to protect myself from high UV index) and it felt like we had the beach to ourselves! We went back again and were rewarded with calm water and a blue gaze that my eyes will always remember (see picture above). The sunrise and sunset throughout the Bahamas was something that I always looked forward to.

Tried sweet potato for the first time! And no, it wasn’t the sweet potato that we are used to with an orangey flesh. It was white inside, more starchy, and it simply melted in my mouth. We decided to source local produce from local farmers and cook in our airbnb with simple ingredients. We prepared a jerk bean and veggie dish with plantain and coconut and turmeric rice. We also foraged wild Sea Purslane (shown below). That's another article to share. Delightful. 

Being on this trip was validation that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Manifestation is real. I told myself that I want to travel and see more of the world, as we only have one life to live. Being hospitalized for ¼ of the year in 2023 taught me to live as graciously and fulfilling as possible. My goal is to make it to 40 countries by the age of 40. I am on country #29 so I have a ways to see over the next 3 years and 2 months! 

plant-based Bahamian meal
Plant-Based Meal prepared with local Bahamian produce

As I return home, I am filled with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. I am committed to continuing my journey of holistic healing and sharing my learnings with others. I am embarking on a new part of my healing journey to live more freely and joyously and want to remind you that you can, too.

Looking to book your next vacation? Book it! Just be prepared with your medical needs checklist and protect yourself from harmful sun exposure. The sun can also be healing if you use it appropriately ...

Thank you, Bahamas, for providing a safe and nurturing space for me to grow and heal. And to my fellow lupus warriors and holistic healers, and we must keep going. Let us continue to support and uplift each other on this journey towards wellness.

Would you visited The Bahamas? Have you been to The Bahamas? Share your experiences below.

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Fantastic article on health and wellness

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