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Natural Deodorant or Nah?

Have you made the transition yet? Been there done that to protect your pits and skin, or can't get away from that Dove or Secret?

Let's talk about it.

Along the plant-based journey comes awareness of taking care of the inside and out of our bodies. This includes the skin, which is our largest organ. And for deodorant, we use it as a hygiene staple to smell good and reduce sweat.

But what about the claims of antiperspirant deodorants, which include aluminum compounds and other chemicals, and have been said to cause breast cancer, serious allergies, or even kidney disease?

Let's get into body chemistry and science a bit. Sweat. It is our body's natural way of removing toxins and cooling down. Antiperspirants prevent the body from performing its natural process of sweating to cool your body's temperature and release toxins. So then, what happens? The release of toxins is prevented, AND the body absorbs the aluminum and chemicals (sometimes toxic parabens). Is this making sense? Let's not to mention what else our body absorbs from the "smell good" ... unknown fragrances inside the deodorant. Hmmm.

I know what you may be thinking; "I don't want to sweat too much, stain my shirt and smell sweaty". I am here to ask you, can we let the body work it's natural process of sweat, to detoxify?

Have you tried to use natural deodorants and "it just doesn't work"? Well, the truth is, your body needs about a good 3-4 weeks to detoxify and reset your body's natural pheromones. Plus, your body needs clean, whole foods also to support detoxification and nourishment. This is where plant-based nutrition is the ultimate engine for optimal health, says Coach Genny, your Holistic Nutritionist :)

So, what are some alternatives?

I have been around the natural deodorant aisle and have found a few that are toxic-free, vegan, animal cruelty-free, and effective.

Pack & Leaf - no harmful chemicals, and the package is even compostable.

BeautyCounter - is a touch pricey but is a good sweat absorber without harmful chemicals. Comes in a refillable package (you see the eco-friendly theme)?

Piper Wai - this is a cream that has activated charcoal, which helps manage sweat.

If you are adventurous, try to make your own natural deodorant. That may be my next move, as my dearest friend, Adriea, gave me of a sample of her homemade deodorant this past weekend and I felt refreshed!

The bottom line is to let your body do its natural function of sweating.

It's normal to sweat, and it should be honored.

Go for natural and reduce the risk of accumulating any built-up toxins that your body wants to release.

Your body will thank you.

Made the natural deodorant switch? Feel free to let us know how it's going! Tag us on IG, too, at theeatschool!

In love and health,

Coach Genny

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