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Pine Needle Kefir Soda: A Refreshing, Healthy Twist on Sprite

Let's explore the magical benefits of Pine Needles.

pine trees
Pine Trees

Yes, Pine Needles.

When I used to think of Pine Needles, I would think of “Pine Sol” or even Christmas trees until I went outside and explored more.

When I started to discover Mother Nature and look around the trees and even on the ground, I noticed how beautiful and multifaceted nature is. 

Pine Trees, a part of conifer tree family, provide more than just a clean scent and decorative cones around the holidays, they can provide incredible medicinal benefits. Eastern White Pine Needles, or Pinus Strobus, are known to reduce respiratory issues, common cold, and inflammation, as they are packed with Vitamin C. 

I foraged these beautiful Pine Needles this past fall 2023, on my friends property in Maine, and originally used them for a sore throat. I made tea with the needles and it took my sore throat right away. I also made a tincture (will share in another blog) and froze the rest.

Important note: I made sure these pine needles had 5 needles attached to a single cluster. These are edible. Other pine needles can be toxic.

pine needles foraged for pine needle soda
Pine Needles foraged with 5 Needles in a single cluster

Now, I decided to put the Pine Needles to use!

I discovered a probiotic-rich Pine Needle Kefir Soda, a healthy alternative to Sprite (because Sprite used to have me in a chokehold, lol).

This unique Pine Needle Kefir Soda combines the medicinal properties of pine needles, the probiotic benefits of kefir grains, and the digestive-aiding effects of ginger for a gut-healing, immune-boosting beverage that tastes like a healthier version of Sprite indeed.

kefir grains
Keifr Grains used to make Pine Needle Soda

If you don’t know about the powerful benefits of kefir grains for gut health, I discuss them here. 

Here is how to make your own EASY and delicious Pine Needle Kefir Soda:

You’ll need:

  • A 32-oz Mason Jar

  • 32-oz. of filtered water

  • 3 tbsp of raw cane sugar 

  • A generous handful of Pine Needles (fresh ones contain more yeast)

  • 1 thumb of chopped ginger (organic, keep skin on)

  • A fermentation lid or burp it daily (as gas will form and you don’t want the jar to explode!)

  • A squeeze of lime to taste when serving


1- Add all ingredients to a jar, stir, cover and place in a room temperature dark setting for two days. 

2 - Strain all ingredients. Save kefir grains for another use. Serve with a squeeze of lime. Enjoy!

That's it!

Simple, yet, deliciously healthy!

Pine Needle Kefir Soda is a refreshing, healthy twist on traditional soda that's packed with natural health benefits. With its fizzy texture and tangy flavor, this drink is a fun and delicious way to support your gut health and support a healthy immune system. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

I posted the full Pine Needle Soda Recipe on Instagram here!

Note: This is not medical advice. Forage at your own risk. Do your own research.

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In Love in Gut Health,

Genny Mack


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