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Unfreezing the Power of Cryotherapy: A Personal Experience

Ok, so if you told my mom that I intentionally stood in a chamber at sub-zero temperatures with just a robe on, with a hat, gloves, a face mask, ear warmers, socks and slippers, she would think I’ve lost my mind?

Probably so. 

For the first time this past week, I tried Cryotherapy and now I am intrigued!

lupus warrior trying cryotherapy for the first time
Genny Mack trying Cryotherapy

And yes, it was freezing. The temperature in the chamber was set at -140 F (-95 C), no joke. And wearing the robe was optional but I kept mine on for an extra layer (desperate hehe). I had to use my breath, with a two step, to get through the session of two minutes and forty-five seconds!

In all honesty, after one minute, I was almost ready to give up. I’m telling you, always coming back to the breath to manage stressful situations has been a game-changer for recovery. 

cryotherapy thermostat
Cryotherapy temperatures ... brrrrrrrrr

According to the National Institute of Health, Cryotherapy “induces anti-inflammatory effects” as if you just finished a rewarding workout session. Clinical studies show that with athletes (which we all are), “and after 7 days, cortisol, DHEA, and estradiol decreased …. thus decreasing hormones typically associated with psychophysical stress” That was enough research for me to try it with the intent to manage lupus, improve hormone balancing and reduce disease severity. 

What is Cryotherapy? 

It’s a natural therapy that uses extreme cold temperature, for a short duration of up to 3 minutes, to:

  • Relieve pain, swelling and stress;

  • Promote healing and recovery; and

  • Boost energy, mood and sleep.

It definitely boosted my sleep by the way. I came home and napped for a solid three hours. 

I decided to try it out to keep my immune system healthy during this winter season, especially with the cold temperatures and less exposure to healthy sun for essential Vitamin D. My alternatives to keeping healthy have been cold and hot therapy to boost the lymphatic system, thus supporting modulation (regulation) of the immune system. 

During the Cryotherapy process, the body increases its levels of oxygen and certain proteins to decrease swelling. When exiting the Cryotherapy chamber and returning to normal room temperature, this oxygen-rich blood moves back through the body. The idea is to use extreme temperature to bring healthy natural stressors to increase the body’s resilience and thereby promote optimal cellular function. 

Genny completing 1st Cryotherapy session of 2m, 45s!

I completed my first session at Restore Hyper Wellness in NYC and it was such a great experience. My body temperature entering the chamber was nearly 90 degrees F. When finishing, I dropped to 47 degrees F. The session was supervised by a highly-skilled professional to make sure I was safe. Alex helped me get set up to make sure my extremities were covered (to prevent the risk of frostbite) and that I had on a great tune to keep me hyped for ~3 minutes. Thanks to Kaytranada, featuring Lucky Daye, Look Easy, I definitely made my 1st attempt at Cryotherapy look "too easy."

Having Lupus, and having an overactive immune system, I find that natural remedies like this help reset and modulate the immune system to do its job appropriately. That is to reduce inflammation, stabilize metabolic responses, reduce pain and swelling and overall calm down the body.

I probably will give Cryptotherapy another try because with natural approaches to healing, consistency and patience is key to feel the effectiveness. But for now, I will use my immediate resources like taking alternate hot and cold showers, using an at home sauna blanket, and grounding in cold temperature to keep my immune system at bay. More to come on these approaches later.

Ready to unfreeze your potential. Share your thoughts on Cryotherapy. Have you tried it before? How has it helped you? Would you be willing to try it? Let’s continue this conversation and explore how we can naturally support the balance of our immune system and reduce stress. 

As with any alternative practice, my philosophy is that ‘the more you know, the more you glow.’

Stay Warm :)

Genny Mack


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